Bali Fireworks

Established in 1998 – Bali Fireworks is specialized in fireworks shows, time code fireworks, special effects, pyrotechnics, fireworks to music, confetti shows!

Bali Fireworks providing complete fireworks shows at weddings, displays, product launches, dance events, business openings, anniversaries, etc. We can also choreograph music to the display – however it is a manual system, should you require computer generated displays we can organize also from Singapore.

The main displays in Bali use 2 inch shells: this is because the permits are easier. We can also get display shells of 3, 4 or 5 inch but the permit is expensive as it comes from Jakarta.


Our Fireworks are from China and we generally use Cake – Roman candle style fireworks – these have many combinations. We offer 100 to 1000 shell displays. The length of time for the displays depends on the amount of shells.

We look forward to your requests. Keep looking up for that special eye candy that is Fireworks!